Attaching a Doll Head to a Cloth Body

I am going to cover two basic styles of doll head, that you will find on most modern porcelain dolls today.

The first style is a doll head attached to what is called a porcelain shoulder plate. this shoulder plate may be separate from the head allowing for the head to be posed, or it may all be molded together. Either way it is attached to the body in the same manner.

If you look at the following photo, you will see that there are holes in the porcelain, these are designed to attach the doll’s head to a cloth body using sturdy cord, or string. The easiest way to do this is with the use of a curved sewing needle with a large eye. Push the head firmly down onto the cloth body, and sew each hole front and back to the cloth body.

 Another option using this style of head, is to attach using hot glue. Some heads with shoulder plates do not have the holes on them and this would become your only option. Press the head down firmly onto the body as if you were going to sew, then lift up the back, place a good bit of glue underneath, then drop the shoulder plate back down onto it. Once it sets up, do the same for the front of the shoulder plate.

The second style of head you will commonly see, has what is called a flange neck.

For this style of head, you will need a cloth body that has a top casing. The most commonly used means of attaching this head is by using a common plastic tie wrap, that can be tightened and trimmed neatly once the head is attached, making it nearly impossible to remove the head. Thread the tie wrap through the casing, insert the neck into the opening so that the flange (grove) that you see on the neck, is lined up with the tie wrap in the casing. Tighten. You may find that by using a pair of needle nose pliers, you will be able to get the tie wrap another notch or two tighter. Be sure to trim the plastic well, so there are no sharp edges.

Disclaimer – Please note that our guides are meant as just that, a guide. Use your own judgement, as we are not responsible for damages to your doll or replacement doll parts.

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