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Doll Repair Supplies
Stringing elastic and loops, pates, armatures,music boxes and more!
Porcelain Doll Heads
Porcelain Doll Heads for doll making or doll repair. Replacement doll heads
Porcelain Doll Arms
Porcelain Doll Arms for doll making or doll repair. Replacement doll arms.
Porcelain Doll Legs
Porcelain Doll Legs for doll making or doll repair. Replacement legs.
Doll Bodies & Kits
Doll Bodies, porcelain shoulder plates and doll kits.
Authentic Replacement
Ashton Drake, Danbury Mint Genuine replacement porcelain parts.
Clown Parts Porcelain heads, arms and legs for clowns.
Doll Wigs
Doll Wigs assorted sizes , styles and colors. Doll making or repair.
Doll Eyes
Doll Eyes for doll making or for doll eye replacement. Eye lashes for dolls
Doll Eyelashes
Large assortment of doll eyelashes
Doll Stands Adjustable
Metal doll stands, wood doll stands. Adjustable doll stands for most sizes of dolls.
Accessories for Dolls
Accessories for your dolls such as glasses, handbags, furniture
Doll Clothing
Doll Clothing and Doll Dresses, Country cotton doll dresses, victorian doll dresses.
Victorian Doll Dresses
Baby Doll Clothing
Baby Doll Clothing, sleepers and dresses for baby dolls.
American Girl Clothing
American Girl Doll Clothing including dresses, pants, shoes
Vintage Doll Clothing
Vintage and antique doll clothing
Doll Hats straw and fabric assorted sizes.
Doll Under Garments
Panties, pantaloons, slips for dolls, assorted sizes and styles.
Doll Shoes
Doll Shoes for porcelain and vinyl dolls. American Girl shoes, snap and tie.
Doll Socks
Doll Socks and Tights small to large, assorted styles and colors
Doll Boots
Boots for dolls in assorted styles and colors.
Doll Skates
Ice skates for dolls in assorted styles, sizes and colors.
Porcelain Dolls to Dress
Pretty porcelain dolls ready to dress. Complete with wig and inset eyes.
Vinyl Dolls To Dress
Vinyl Dolls To Dress
Sewing Supplies
Sewing Supplies doll making lace and fabric
Antique Vintage Parts
Antique Vintage Parts