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Doll Hospitals and Artists

We do not offer doll repairs, however we do supply doll doctors and doll hospitals the parts they may need to repair your doll. I have invited doll hospitals to submit their information to me so that you will have a list of doll doctors that may be able to help you.

Choosing a Doll Doctor - Questions to ask

How long have you been restoring dolls?
What is your background in doll repair?
Are you experienced in doing the type of repair I am requesting?
Can you show me before/after pictures of your work or where might I find pictures of your work.
Please supply references from past clients.
Get a written estimate of repairs.
How long will the repairs take?

Be aware of the value of your doll. Make sure the doll is insured for its replacement value when shipping to the Doll Hospital and for its return to you. Take pictures of the doll before shipment for insurance purposes. Please do your own research before choosing a doll doctor, we are offering these contacts as a service only and not necessarily an endorsement.

Doll Repair Hospitals

Doll Doctor's Association
Visit us at The Doll Doctor's Association
Dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, techniques and philosophies associated with the restoration and preservation of antique and modern dolls.

Sherri's Doll Repair & Restore
245 Kiing Street South Harriston
Ontario Canada N0G1Z0
We Specialize in composition doll repair, but also happy to work on antique and modern dolls.

Swan Hollow Doll Repair
174 Hawleys Corners Road
Highland, New York 12528
1 845-691-7853
Visit us on Facebook /Swan Hollow Doll Repair
Structural repair and restoration of surfaces to old dolls, toys and stuffed animals. Bisque, composition, rubber, plastic, stuffed.

Hollie's Doll Hospital
(205) 253-2711 - call or text
Visit us at Hollie's Doll Repair
We specialize in stringing dolls, we also paint, re-wig, insert new eyes, make new soft bodies. Ask me, and I'll see if it can be done.

Elaines Doll Repair
8900 Thornton Rd #26
Stockton, CA 95209
1 209-956-9084
Visit us at Elaines Doll Repair

Forget me Not Dolls
5716 NW 112th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

The Berkley Doll Hospital
Berkley Michigan
(248) 534-1750

Dollmenders Antique to Modern Doll Repair
Illinois offering several drop off locations
Visit us at The Doll Fixer
Our expertise includes repair and restoration of antique and modern dolls, including bisque, composition, plastic, vinyl, wood and papier-mâché. Some of our services include eye repair, tooth replacement, hair styling or re-wigging, cleaning or parts replacement. We have a huge inventory of doll parts, if the doll's original part is missing or so badly damaged it cannot be repaired.

The Doll Fixer
Serving Northern California and the Northern Central Valley
1 209-956-9084
Visit us at The Doll Fixer
Featuring doll repair and doll costuming. Specializing in composition restoration for bisque head and compo cloth dolls. I also work in hard plastic and early vinyl dolls. I also have a good selection of antique and vintage clothes, wigs and shoes to help your repaired doll look their best. I also offer appraisal services, online and in person.

If you offer doll repairs and would like to have a listing on this page, please contact me and include your Name, Address, Phone Number and Email. We will provide a listing here for you free of charge as a service to you and our customers who do not want to undertake repairs on their own.
Please contact me by phone or email for your professional discount code!!