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How To Measure for Replacement Parts

We offer three measurements when choosing porcelain replacement doll parts Be sure to check them all to make sure that you are choosing the correct replacement parts for your doll.

First of all hopefully you have an original part that you can measure.
The first measurement we offer is the length. You will notice that there  is a flange around the top of the leg. Take your measurement from below the flange to the bottom of the foot, this will give you the length of your leg. If your leg or arm is bent, take the measurement around the top of the knee / elbow and down to get the actual length.

The next measurement is the circumference. This is measured around the top of the leg , and must be close in size to the original as it will have to fit into the original cloth casing on your doll. Again, measure in inches, and measure around the widest part of the upper leg.

The final measurement is the length of the foot. If you want to use the same doll shoes that your damaged doll was wearing, it is important that the foot is the same size. If you want to replace the shoes with new ones, you do not have to be as careful with this measurement.


Arms are measured in the same manner as legs, less the foot measurement. The length is taken from the flange to the tip of the fingers.


Our doll heads are all measured including the neck or shoulder plate from top of head to bottom of neck/shoulder plate. We also give the circumference measurement to assist you in ordering the correct size.

Disclaimer – Please note that our guides are meant as just that, a guide. Use your own judgement, as we are not responsible for damages to your doll or replacement doll parts.

How To Measure for Eyes and Lashes, Wigs, Shoes and Clothing

To Measure for a doll’s eye, carefully measure the eye opening from corner to corner as shown, using millimeters. Add 1-2mm to your doll eye size for correct fit. All Doll eyes are sized in mm. If your doll has very round eyes, rather than oval shaped eyes (such as a googly doll) then you will be better to choose a round replacement eye rather than an oval style.

For doll artists that are baking polymer clay, be sure to choose glass doll eyes, as acrylic will melt in the baking process.

EYE LASHES – If you wish to apply eye lashes after the eyes are set, use a toothpick to apply a very thin line of white craft glue to the top edge of the eyelid, cut the lash to size and gently push it into place on the dolls eyelid. Once it is dry, you can trim the lashes for a perfect look!

MEASURING FOR A WIG – Doll heads are measured around the circumference, behind the ears and across the forehead to help you choose the correct size of doll wig.  Measure in inches, as that is how the wigs are sized to correspond. For example a size 10 wig will fit a size 10″ circumference head. If your doll’s head is 10.5″ then order a wig size of 10-11, and if not possible then a size 11. Personally I usually go up a size when ordering a doll wig as I do not like them to look skimpy.
We offer many different styles and sizes of doll wigs from many different manufacturers. Many we only have one of and they change all the time depending on what we can order.

MEASURE FOR DOLL SHOES – Measure your doll’s foot from heel to toe. Add 5mm to the length of the bare foot to determine the correct size and to allow for using a sock.

MEASURE FOR DOLL CLOTHING – I try to provide shoulder, waist and length measurements on all of our doll clothing. Measure your doll in the same way to determine the size needed. I have also tried to give you an idea of size by labeling them from XS to XL. As dolls can be different measurements but the same height, it is a good idea to do your measuring.