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Restoration Tips

Remove and Replace a Doll Wig

I am adding some simple instructions here on the basics of removing and replacing your doll’s wig .
If your doll has an applied wig, carefully lift an edge and gently pull it off of the head. You may need to use an exacto knife to loosen glue around the edge if it is stubborn!. Once the wig is removed, you will most likely see an item that is called a pate. Pates are used to cover an opening in the doll’s head, that has been created to allow setting of the eyes. This may be made of plastic, styrofoam or on older dolls, a mesh or cork material. Do not remove the pate. It completes the shape of the doll’s head and gives support to the new wig.

Now measure the size of your doll’s head (see our measuring guide) to determine the size of wig you need to apply. Most wigs have a stretch cap that gives you a little bit of flexability in sizing. Stretch the wig and pull it over the dome of the head and position to where it looks best.
If you want to attach the wig permanently, use a small amount of white craft glue by gently lifting the edges a bit at a time and inserting the glue underneath. If the doll is decorative and you may want to detach or change the wig in the future, just lift the front and apply a small dab of glue, and repeat this process at the back as well.
Doll wigs come in many beautiful styles and colors to suit a large variety of dolls, from simple to intricate!

Replacing Limbs on a Cloth Body Doll

If your modern porcelain doll meets with an accident and needs an arm, leg, or even the porcelain head replaced, this is a job you should be able to comfortably take on yourself.
Lets walk through replacing a porcelain leg on a cloth body doll. You will notice that there is an inside seam on your doll’s cloth leg. Carefully, using a seam ripper, open up that inside seam at the bottom where it meets the porcelain part, about a half inch.
There will be string or wire holding the cloth into the grove of the porcelain part. Cut this as well. If the piece you are removing is broken, wear gloves for this stage to avoid possibly cutting yourself!
You will notice most dolls have a wire that runs from the body down into the leg. This is for support and posability. You will also notice that the bottom of the cloth is turned under creating a sort of folded casing. Maintain this fold after you remove the limb. You may have to remove a small amount of stuffing as well, so that you have a clean folded area to work with. Once you have created this , insert the new limb and check for a good fit. When you are happy with how it is inserting, remove and using a craft glue that dries clear, paint the top area of the leg above and including the groove at the top. Reinsert the limb, and make sure that you have it in the proper position with the foot facing straight out in front. At this point, I add a few stitches to the inside seam again, to keep things in position. THEN, wrap white thread around the outside of the cloth, forcing the fabric into the groove (and glue) of the porcelain part. I like to wrap several times and then sew your loose end into the center seam.
It is rare to find a replacement part that EXACTLY matches the original. For this reason we sell all of our doll parts in pairs and it is advisable to replace both for a perfect result.

Disclaimer – Please note that our guides are meant as just that, a guide. Use your own judgement, as we are not responsible for damages to your doll or replacement doll parts.